How to apply cologne?

In making up your personality impressive fragrance plays a very important role. No matter how well you dress up if the fragrance isn’t a part of your personality then you won’t be able to leave a notable impression. Aroma truly is a primary part of one’s personal style. Are you using your cologne in a way it should be used? If no then let’s get to know the right way.


Fragrance makes you feel confident because people get attracted to you in a very pleasing way. So for getting noticed in a more beautiful way, you must know how to apply your cologne in the right way. Though applying cologne may seem simple but it really needs some tactics to use it correctly.

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Here we are going to guide you about how you can apply your cologne correctly. Let’s dig deeper:

Where you should apply your Cologne?

The first thing that you need to learn is to know the right spots where cologne must be applied. Not all your body needs to have cologne on. There are few areas that you should touch must and there are some parts of the body you should avoid because in those certain areas your cologne can cause irritation.

Areas to apply cologne more generously:

  • Both sides of the shoulders
  • Around neck
  • Chest
  • Both wrists
  • Inner sides of both elbows

These little pieces of dos and don’ts mentioned-above are very useful and informative. No matter if you are wearing top cologne, whatever your preferred cologne is you should know it’s used correctly. It is a common misconception that by using it excessively you will get eminent or it will stay longer. It’s not so neither using too little not using too much of it will work effectively. Skimpy usage will be of no use and too much of it can be over-bearing.

You need to use your cologne moderately as the right amount will get you noticed in a positive way. it’s overly use can be disturbing for some people. Instead of leaving a good impression it will cause discomfort.

When you should use your cologne?

It is important to know then when you should apply the fragrance. Take a look below to figure out:

  • After taking a warm shower and drying your body apply your desired fragrance. The reason behind applying cologne after the shower is that at that time pores are open so your skin will absorb the cologne perfectly.
  • You don’t have to keep the bottle too close to your body, approximately keep it away 5-6 inches
  • No need to use it excessively just spray it 3-4 times
  • Refresh it after the aroma vanishes away
  • Avoid rubbing your skin after applying
  • Don’t apply your fragrance in armpits because in such areas it can be irritating for the skin.
  • Don’t apply cologne on your clothes.

Your fragrance says a lot about you and to give yourself a boost you must know the way to use it.  This handy guide we have provided is just to give you the idea about its right usage. It is suggested that you can refresh your spray-on wrists and neck when it wears off. Use it correctly and let your fragrance be signature aroma! Be an alpha male and stay gorgeous keeping in mind all the dos and dont’s.

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