Why Vacuum Cleaner Stinks

Why Vacuum Cleaner Stinks

If you are using the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2020, then you might have noticed that there is an odd smell coming from a vacuum cleaner. We are here to make you get rid of this problem.

Why Vacuum Cleaner Stinks

Moreover, vacuum cleaners remove dirt from your home, so they always need maintenance. However, it should also smell clean if you do not take care of it properly, so all the dirt mix is together, resulting in an unpleasant smell.

Here are some of the leading causes of why vacuum cleaner stinks!


If you own a dog, cat, or other furry animals, and you clean the hair, then that might be the cause of that bad smell. However, Pet hair and dander are foul outside of your vacuum and will carry the scent inside your device. You can also read Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair 2020.

Pet urine can likewise include an additional stench. Even though you are probably not going to vacuum your pet urine straightforwardly, the fluid can stick to pet hair and dust. At that point, once cleaned, the mix of dried urine and pet hair make the best formula for a smelly smell.


If you are the one who does not have any pets, then there must be something else that causes this smell in your vacuum cleaner.

Mld particles that get together in a vacuum bag and filter creates all the problems for you. Mold often needs humidity and moisture to grow. These mold particles come when you vacuum the wet carpet. And it takes the smell to the next level. Check read this, Black Pods (Best Earbuds in 2020).


Your vacuum belt can likewise be the leading cause. The belt is made of elastic, and its turn enables the brush to roll, catching hair and other dirt.

Vacuum brushes ought to be cleaned consistently. Without appropriate maintenance, hair stuck inside the fibers may keep the brush from turning accurately, harming the elastic. The belt can get captured on the brush as well.

Extended and overused belts produce an effectively conspicuous, burning plastic smell.


Dust does not come alone; however, they also bring other particles with them. Whenever you vacuum, other debris gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner, which creates a terrible smell.

In addition to this, regardless of whether you’re getting fried food or used espresso grinds, they all can add to a stable smelling vacuum.

Letting an excess of dust accumulate in your dust bag or dust bin will, in the long run, affect the soundness of your vacuum.

Final Words

If you are using a vacuum cleaner, you may face various issues regarding your product. The most usual problem most people face is the smelling issue. They always complain about why their vacuum cleaner stink. In addition, there can be several causes, but the main reasons we have discussed earlier.

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